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#2 (hee hee): Kenny Fuentes

Oh my God, they photographed Kenny!

Kenny is a director, actor and…hold on…ooo…Founding Artistic Director of The CoLab Theatre Co. He has been struggling with mild food poisoning since yesterday morning (8/23). (Burp) [editor’s note: hope you’re doing better now] Since graduating from Brandeis University, he has performed or directed with a number of companies, including Wheelock Family Theatre, Holland…ugh…ok…Productions [editor’s note: I take it back], Gurnet Theatre Project, GAN-ə-meed Theatre Project, Exquisite Corps Theatre, Happy Medium Theatre, to name a few. As a director, blogger and student of acting, he has dedicated his work to the exploration and reevaluation of the Stanislavski ‘system’ and it’s impact on the American theatre. Owie….

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