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Last, but never least, it’s Kiki Samko!

Eat your heart out, Tufts.

Hollanders may recognize KIKI “THE VOICE” SAMKO from her work as the Narrator in last fall’s smash success, Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh; more recently, you may have read with her at your audition for The Mistakes Madeline Made. Either way, if you recognize her, consider yourself extremely lucky. She is a company member with Imaginary Beasts and has performed in all their season shows since the Spring of 2009, and recently performed with Heart & Dagger productions in their gay dance parody “Into the Fens” at Club Oberon. Once, on the basis of her headshot, she was told that Holland Productions should auction off a date with her. She likes: the Olympics, odd numbers, and mirrors. She hates: MILK (the dairy product, not the film), even numbers, and chin hairs. A few more reasons Kiki is awesome: her fashion sense is coveted far and wide, she will drink you under the table, and she is
not afraid to tear it up on a dance floor (though she may get distracted by her own reflection in shiny surfaces). A graduate of Tufts University, she was ROBBED of the title of Homecoming Queen her senior year there (2008), despite the fact that she was the only contestant who could sing the whole fight song. She will remain incomplete until the title of Homecoming Queen is bestowed upon her. She will also work diligently to fulfill all duties required of a homecoming queen and will stand at all times for good character, good citizenship, and good looks when representing Holland Productions in the capacity of Homecoming Queen. Ms. Samko thanks you all for your support.

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