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It’s with a bittersweet feeling that I announce our final presentation in our Inch Worm Play Reading Series. It’s been wonderful getting to meet all these playwrights and seeing how different directors and actors bring their words to life. Not to mention our wonderful talk-back sessions with the audience. It’s definitely something I’ll miss this summer.

But I’m very excited about this last play as well! The Christina Experiment by Deirdre Girard is a fascinating story about family, loyalty, and what we owe our children. Adrienne Boris is our director, and the cast includes Jake Berger, Lauren Foster, Chris Leon, Janelle Mills, and Phil Thompson. We hope you’ll join us as we close out the series with this great play, Sunday June 5 at 4:00 in the Somerville Theatre Microcinema. Click on the links below for more information.

The Christina Experiment

Facebook Event page

We’re also getting psyched to start rehearsals (themselves a kind of experiment) for Hideous Progeny! We’ll continue to update you as we go along, so keep checking back. And don’t forget, you can become a design backer at our Kickstarter page!

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