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Daily Archives: June 7th, 2011

We’re dealing with some pretty deep stuff in rehearsals for Hideous Progeny…marriage, childbirth, post-partum depression, sickness, divorce, death, murder, class, general malaise…it’s enough to¬† make us feel pretty down. Luckily for us, there’s some fun to be had at the expense of those Romantics. Let’s laugh with them (not at them – Shelley would not like that one bit).

Hark, A Vagrant by K. Beacon is a wonderful site. And this strip in particular has been quoted no end during our table work.

Ada Lovelace Day! Sydney Padua’s take on the ex-Mrs. Byron and her daughter is, like Gem, truly outrageous.

F***Yeah, Byron. For when we need a reminder that he wasn’t all bad.

Finally, this isn’t really funny, but Frankenstein’s Womb is a great graphic novel that I picked up at Hub Comics in preparation for the show. I recommend both the book and the store – the book is creepy and spooky, and Hub Comics is anything but.

Also, don’t forget – there’s just a week left to become a backer for Hideous Progeny! You know you want that phone call from Percy!