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We’re dealing with some pretty deep stuff in rehearsals for Hideous Progeny…marriage, childbirth, post-partum depression, sickness, divorce, death, murder, class, general malaise…it’s enough to  make us feel pretty down. Luckily for us, there’s some fun to be had at the expense of those Romantics. Let’s laugh with them (not at them – Shelley would not like that one bit).

Hark, A Vagrant by K. Beacon is a wonderful site. And this strip in particular has been quoted no end during our table work.

Ada Lovelace Day! Sydney Padua’s take on the ex-Mrs. Byron and her daughter is, like Gem, truly outrageous.

F***Yeah, Byron. For when we need a reminder that he wasn’t all bad.

Finally, this isn’t really funny, but Frankenstein’s Womb is a great graphic novel that I picked up at Hub Comics in preparation for the show. I recommend both the book and the store – the book is creepy and spooky, and Hub Comics is anything but.

Also, don’t forget – there’s just a week left to become a backer for Hideous Progeny! You know you want that phone call from Percy!

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