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It’s been a busy week, and we haven’t updated like we should have, but we at Holland Productions want to thank everyone who made it to our Homecoming Dance, and to everyone who sent their good wishes. We had a BLAST, and hope you did too. We raised money for your season, Kiki Samko and Joey Pelletier were crowned queen and king, and there wasn’t a bucket of pig blood to be seen. That’s a success in any book!

Keep checking in for updates on our next show, The Mistakes Madeline Made, as well as our Inch Worm Play Reading Series. You’re all great.

Attention! Attention! Online voting for Homecoming Court will close on Thursday at 8:00 pm! If you want to make sure your choice for King and Queen get crowned, then get cracking!

To vote, click here.

We hope to see you all on Friday at the Elephant and Castle!

Okay, you know your nominees, now it’s time to vote. Just use the polls below. Polls will remain open until sometime on September 9.  Then, at the Dance (September 10), you’ll have more chances to vote. And the winners will be crowned!

Last, but never least, it’s Kiki Samko!

Eat your heart out, Tufts.

Hollanders may recognize KIKI “THE VOICE” SAMKO from her work as the Narrator in last fall’s smash success, Kid-Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh; more recently, you may have read with her at your audition for The Mistakes Madeline Made. Either way, if you recognize her, consider yourself extremely lucky. She is a company member with Imaginary Beasts and has performed in all their season shows since the Spring of 2009, and recently performed with Heart & Dagger productions in their gay dance parody “Into the Fens” at Club Oberon. Once, on the basis of her headshot, she was told that Holland Productions should auction off a date with her. She likes: the Olympics, odd numbers, and mirrors. She hates: MILK (the dairy product, not the film), even numbers, and chin hairs. A few more reasons Kiki is awesome: her fashion sense is coveted far and wide, she will drink you under the table, and she is
not afraid to tear it up on a dance floor (though she may get distracted by her own reflection in shiny surfaces). A graduate of Tufts University, she was ROBBED of the title of Homecoming Queen her senior year there (2008), despite the fact that she was the only contestant who could sing the whole fight song. She will remain incomplete until the title of Homecoming Queen is bestowed upon her. She will also work diligently to fulfill all duties required of a homecoming queen and will stand at all times for good character, good citizenship, and good looks when representing Holland Productions in the capacity of Homecoming Queen. Ms. Samko thanks you all for your support.

Your second nominee for Queen is Mary-Liz Murray. Take it away, M-L!

Get swept away with Mary-Liz!

Mary-Liz Murray has never attended a homecoming anything and is super excited that Holland Homecoming is her first. She was last seen on the Holland stage as Joy in 2009’s Aloha Say the Pretty Girls and has been a proud audience member and supporter since then. Mary-Liz is a founding member of The CoLab Theatre Company, and an active member of the Boston theatre community as an actor, audience-member, blogger, director, and administrator. Besides Holland, Mary-Liz  has worked in varying capacities for many local companies including Fort Point Theatre Channel, Company One, Wheelock Family Theatre, Tufts University, Playwright’s Platform, Exquisite Corps, and Shakespeare Now!. Mary-Liz’s love for theatre is only matched by a love of shopping, bacon, and macaroni and cheese. The color pink and wine in general run a close race for runners up.

The first nominee for Homecoming Queen is Philana Mia.

All she wants to do is dance. Dance.

Philana Mia has performed in two Holland Production shows: THE HALFWAY HOUSE CLUB and MELANCHOLY PLAY.  Her favorite color is blue, enjoys pizza and beer, and believes that the only way to watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is an all day marathon, extended edition style.

And finally, Joey Pelletier.

How YOU doin?

Joey C. Pelletier is the Artistic Director of Heart & Dagger Productions, the Marketing Man and Core Cast Member of Boston Actors Theater, and an all around Fabulous boy!  He is a writer, director, and actor around town and has worked with many awesome companies in the Boston area.  His drama Where Moments Hung Before was produced in 2009 to rave reviews. Joey was featured as the Mercenary in Holland Productions’ KID SIMPLE: A Radio Play in the Flesh by Jordan Harrison.  He is currently directing Interview by Jean-Claude van Itallie.  Joey should probably be in the Court cause he rules the school, etc.

Is the third nom the charmed? It’s Terrence Haddad!

There is no catchphrase with Terrence in it. Sooo, we'll just put that he's nice.

Terrence has worked with Boston Actors Theater, Zero Point Productions, Contemporary Theatre of Boston, 11:11 Theatre Company, Another Country Productions, Zeitgeist Stage Company, Phoenix Theatre Artists, Way Theatre Artists, Bad Habit Productions, Gurnet Theatre Project, Holland Productions, Acme Theater Productions, and Theatre on Fire. He was a cast member of The Kentucky Cycle produced by Zeitgeist Stage Company, which won the 2008 Eliot Norton Award for Outstanding Fringe Theater Production. Terrence also portrayed various heroes and villains in both runs of the hugely successful The Superheroine Monologues produced by Phoenix Theatre artists in conjunction with Company One. One of his favorite roles, which was his first appearance on stage, was Randle P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest at Assumption College. He was last seen portraying Timothy Page in Acmes production of Blackpool and Parrish. Terrence had the pleasure of working with Holland Productions playing Carl in their production of The Baltimore Waltz. He developed a unique relationship with a kindred spirit in the form of a stuffed rabbit. For this, he thanks Holland Productions greatly. He thinks he should be on the court because Krista said he should be on the court…oh and that he won’t have to hand stuff out.

#2 (hee hee): Kenny Fuentes

Oh my God, they photographed Kenny!

Kenny is a director, actor and…hold on…ooo…Founding Artistic Director of The CoLab Theatre Co. He has been struggling with mild food poisoning since yesterday morning (8/23). (Burp) [editor’s note: hope you’re doing better now] Since graduating from Brandeis University, he has performed or directed with a number of companies, including Wheelock Family Theatre, Holland…ugh…ok…Productions [editor’s note: I take it back], Gurnet Theatre Project, GAN-ə-meed Theatre Project, Exquisite Corps Theatre, Happy Medium Theatre, to name a few. As a director, blogger and student of acting, he has dedicated his work to the exploration and reevaluation of the Stanislavski ‘system’ and it’s impact on the American theatre. Owie….

Ladies and Gentlemen, your first 2010 Homecoming King Nominee, Mikey Di Loreto!

Give it to Mikey. He'll drink anything.

Mikey DiLoreto is fun when he’s drunk. If you pick him, he’ll buy you Carlo Rossi Chablis and sing Marilyn Manson tunes for ya. Holland Productions makes life worthwhile. As does Happy Medium Theatre. FWEEP